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The SSCM Newsletter

SSCM’s newsletter is published semiannually in the spring and fall and is distributed to SSCM members and institutional subscribers. The newsletter publishes general news of the society, official reports, programs of annual meetings, brief scholarly articles, lists of recent publications by Society members, as well as notices of and reports on meetings and colloquia related to seventeenth-century musical culture. Materials for publication should be submitted to:

Esther Criscuola de Laix
Editor, 17th-Century Music
c/o A-R Editions, Inc.
8551 Research Way, Suite 180
Middleton, WI 53562-4680


Members should send news of their latest accomplishments: hiring or promotion, awards, recent publications, performances, and recordings. If you will be attending or participating in relevant conferences or concerts in coming months, but believe that the Society membership at large may not be aware of such, please send the pertinent information (title, dates, location, web address, contact person) for advance publicity in 17th-Century Music.

Current Issues

Current issues of 17th-Century Music are available for download by SSCM members.

Back Issues

Back issues of 17th-Century Music, from 1991, are available on this site. For a hard copy of back issues, contact the Treasurer of the Society; availability is limited.

Select Index of Signed Articles

Online Index of Articles

“Obscure Musicians”

Short entries for the back-cover column, “Obscure Musicians” are welcome. Submissions should adhere to the following guidelines:

a) The seventeenth-century individual cannot have an entry in any of the Grove dictionaries, MGGs, or the national biographical encyclopedias.
b) There must be at least one firm date for the individual; and
c) The entry should include useable citations for documents, bibliographies, discographies, works lists, etc.

Submissions must be received electronically at or
in hardcopy to editor of the newsletter. Normal entries should fit into the 4” x 5” back cover space of the newsletter.

Past Editors


Steven Saunders
Vol. 1 published by the American Heinrich Schütz Society
Vol. 2 published by SSCM


Massimo Ossi


Anne MacNeil


Stephen Miller


Amanda Eubanks Winkler


Kelley A. Harness


Roger Freitas


Allen Scott


Alexander Dean

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