Society for Seventeenth-Century Music - Dedicated to the study and performance of 17th-Century music.

Society for Seventeenth-Century Music

Society for Seventeenth-Century Music

The Society for Seventeenth-Century Music is dedicated to the study and performance of seventeenth-century music and related arts. The Society currently includes more than 250 members and over two hundred additional international subscribers to its electronic newslist SSCM-L. Members receive a semi-annual newsletter, 17th-Century Music. The Society also publishes the on-line, peer-reviewed scholarly Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music (JSCM); JSCM Instrumenta, an on-line reference series; and the Web Library of Seventeenth-Century Music (WLSCM), an on-line collection of performing and study scores in scholarly editions. The Society hosts an annual four-day conference each spring, featuring scholarly presentations, performances, and an award for the best student presentation, the Irene Alm Memorial Prize.

The Society for Seventeenth-Century Music meets twice annually. An informal annual business meeting is held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Musicological Society. A formal business meeting occurs during the annual conference. Minutes of the formal business meeting are published in the subsequent issue of the Society’s newsletter, 17th-Century Music.

SSCM incorporates the American Heinrich Schütz Society, which is the U.S. Chapter of the International Heinrich Schütz Society.

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