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The Society maintains an electronic news and discussion list for members and for non-members interested in seventeenth-century music. Currently the list has nearly 500 international subscribers. Anyone can subscribe to SSCM-L, and only subscribers may post messages to it. The list is moderated to keep out spam and commercial announcements and to maintain a focus on information and topics related to all aspects of the study and performance of music of the seventeenth century. Such information includes

  • Official SSCM announcements and documents (meetings, minutes, proposed by-law changes, etc.)
  • News about SSCM publications, including 17th-Century Music (the Society’s newsletter), the Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music, an on-line journal, and The Web Library of Seventeenth-Century Music, an on-line repository of downloadable scores in scholarly editions
  • Announcements of new or updated data files available through SSCM’s World-Wide Web Home Page
  • Announcements of regional and national meetings, conferences, symposia, lectures, workshops, and other events concerned with any aspect of 17th-century music, including significant concerts and productions
  • Announcements of awards and grants
  • Employment opportunities that include 17th-century music in the job description
  • Communications and discussions of matters pertaining to 17th-century music and to the Society, such as corrections or updates to publications, and errors found in editions
  • Notices of new recordings and other materials
  • Help needed in locating a particular source
  • Obituaries
  • Requests for roommates at conferences

The SSCM-L list is moderated by Darwin Scott. The list Archive is available to list subscribers only at

Present subscribers

To change your subscription e-mail address or delivery options, obtain a password reminder, or be removed from SSCM-L, go to or directly e-mail

The system automatically unsubscribes an address after multiple “bounces.” Please note that this can occur when commercial mailboxes reach capacity – for example, when people are away during the summer. If you are dropped inadvertently from SSCM-L, follow the directions below for new subscribers.

For new subscribers

To subscribe to SSCM-L, please visit the following link: to enter your e-mail address and create a password.   You will receive an e-mail confirmation that will also tell you how to change your delivery preferences and unsubscribe.  If you have any questions, please e-mail

Posting messages

To post a message on SSCM-L, use the following address:

When sending mail to SSCM-L, fill in the “Subject:” line in the mailing header with a descriptive title for your message. At the end of a message, include your full name, institutional affiliation, and complete e-mail address. Messages lacking such an identifying signature will be returned to their authors. Messages not intended for all subscribers will be returned to their authors.

If you are addressing several topics, consider sending separate postings for each item.

Guidelines for Subscribers

SSCM-L is a moderated mail list. All communications sent to are forwarded to the list manager for review before they are posted to the list. SSCM-L’s open subscription policy encourages a free exchange of information related to 17th-century music within certain guidelines of relevance and netiquette.

Messages of the following types will not be posted but returned to their senders (with the reason for their rejection):

  • commercial announcements
  • personal communications not intended for the full list
  • personal replies to messages posted on SSCM-L (often sent in error by a misused reply function)
  • “flames” or personal attacks that clash with the friendly and supportive esprit de corps of SSCM
  • political discussions not directly related to SSCM
  • material deemed more appropriate for other mail lists

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