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Nunology Conference at Brown University

Living in the Choir: Silence, Music, and Play
in Early Modern Italian Convents

Date & Time

Thursday, April 20, 2017
12:30-5 PM
Great Hall, St. Stephen’s Church, Providence, RI.

Featured Speakers

Alessandra Franco, (Assistant Professor, University of Mary, Rome campus): “Between The Two Doors: Music Training and the Outside World for Poor Girls in Convents.”

Craig Monson (Professsor Emeritus, Washington University): “Bodily Mortification and Mystical Martyrdom in Convent Choir Lofts,” (including a musical example).

Suzanne Scanlan (Lecturer, Rhode Island School of Design): “Codes of Silence at the Convent of Tor de’ Specchi in Rome”

Elissa Weaver (Professor Emerita, University of Chicago): “The Sacred and Profane in Italian Convent Theater, or Always Leave ’em Laughing”

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Sponsored by: Dept. of Italian Studies, ​Brown University
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