Society for Seventeenth-Century Music - Dedicated to the study and performance of 17th-Century music.

Society for Seventeenth-Century Music

Officers and Committee Chairs

Governing Board 2015-2016

Alexander Silbiger, President
Wendy Heller, Vice-President
Maria Anne Purciello, Treasurer
Rebecca Cypess, Secretary
Gregory S. Johnston, Chair, American Heinrich Schütz Society
Hendrik Schulze, Member-at-Large

Committee Chairs

2015-16 Nominating Committee

Drew Edward Davies, Chair

2016 Annual Conference, Miami, Florida

Program Committee
Robert Holzer, Chair

Local Arrangements (Conference Organizer)
David Dolata, Chair

2017 Annual Conference, Providence, Rhode Island

Program Committee
Tim Carter, Chair

Local Arrangements (Conference Organizer)
Cathy Gordon, Chair

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